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What Is Rent-To-Own?

Rent To Own (RTO) was created as an alternative to portable rental decks. A rent-to-own decks plan allows you to rent portable decks, mobile home decks, pool decks, or pavilions when and where you need it while investing toward ownership of the portable structures. Once your monthly rent-to-own payments are completed, you’ll fully own the portable deck or pavilion. 

Rent to Own Decks and Pavilions by Russellville Rentals

Purchasing a portable deck or outdoor pavilion can be a big expense. To make it easier, we’ve partnered with Russellville Rentals LLC. It offers convenient rent-to-own programs for portable decks such as RV decks, mobile home decks, pool decks, and outdoor pavilions to fit a variety of budgets. Contact us today for the location of your nearest dealer and see how simple it is to get the storage you need, with all the available options to make it uniquely yours.

Our RTO plan Is Available On

Purchase your portable Decks, RV Decks, Mobile Home Decks, or Outdoor Pavilions with a convenient Rent-To-Own Cabins plan

Rv decks

Rent To Own Portable Decks Plan

SizePurchase PriceRent to Own 36/mo
rent to own pavilions

Rent To Own Pavilions Plan

SizePurchase PriceRent to Own 36/mo

Benefits Of A Rent To Own Portable Deck Payment Plan

The benefit of RTO is that you don’t have to make full payments on the spot. There is a 36-month and 60-month payment plan that can help you with your budget.

  • No credit check
  • Results in Portable Deck Ownership
  • Balance may be paid at any time
  • Delivered to your location

Rent-To-Own Requirements

They do not require a credit check. Before your portable decks or pavilions are delivered, you’ll sign a rental agreement and pay the first month’s rent or delivery charges (we offer free the first 30 miles of delivery).

Note: If the rental agreement terms are not kept, the portable decks or pavilion may be repossessed.

FAQs About Rent-To-Own

Can I Pay Extra On My Monthly Rent-To-Own Deck Payment?

Yes, you can make an extra payment if you decide to pay. It will reduce the total amount paid for your portable deck or pavilion.

Is it required a credit check for a rent-to-own deck or pavilion?

A credit check is not required for a rent to own a deck or pavilion.