Backyard Decks in TN And KY

Do you live within a 100-mile radius of I40 N Tennessee or Kentucky and are looking for a portable backyard deck? At EshCo Portable Decks, we provide affordable customized decks! We understand the need to have a quality deck at an affordable price. From our listing page, you can find your desired size deck; our job is to customize it the way you love it! We have a selection of Vinyl or Wood with add-on upgrades if desired. We offer free delivery for the first 30 miles and then a charge of $4/mile after 30 miles. You choose your style, and we will get it to you!

House Decks And Porches

Create lasting memories with family and loved ones with our customizable house decks and porches. Our house deck builders are dedicated to building you a deck or porch that is durable and lasts long.

decks for sale in tennessee and kentucky

Vinyl House Decks

Are you looking for a low-maintenance house deck that will withstand the harshest weather conditions? Whether you want to create an entertainment hub, or container gardening haven where you can arrange potted flowers, plants, and herbs, our vinyl house deck is the solution.

Wooden House Decks

Make the most of family time by turning your wooden house deck into a fun and safe play area for children. Add outdoor toys, a mini sandbox, or even a small playhouse to create an engaging space for your little ones. Our house deck builders with design a wooden deck to meet your needs.

RV Decks

If you park your RV or Camper Trailer for long periods of time, you know the need for a small deck to make access easy for your RV. At Eshco, you can find an RV deck that is portable and ready to use when it arrives!

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Decks for Camper Trailers

At EshCo portable decks, we have a selection for your camper trailer outside space. We provide decks that are made with our #1 graded lumber to wood or vinyl decks for easy use and low maintenance.

Portable Decks for Fifth Wheel Campers

You choose the size and design, and we handcraft and deliver it to you as desired. We understand the need for a durable deck for more outdoor living space and entertainment.

Decks For Mobile Homes

Select from our customized pre-built mobile home decks. At EshCo Portable Structures, we provide quality pre-built backyard decks for your home. For a more luxurious look, see our options and upgrades page. We provide upgrades for both vinyl and wooden decks.

Backyard decks

Vinyl Mobile Home Decks

It has a shiny look and is easy to maintain! Yes, that is our vinyl decks. We understand that a deck isn’t just a deck; it’s a place for memories or storage! Whether your loved ones love to spill drinks from having a good time or it gets dusty, with this vinyl selection, you can be sure to get rid of those things with a low-maintenance cleaning.

Wooden Decks for Mobile Homes

We have thought about your need to have a deck for your outdoor space! Not any deck, a deck that is made with our #1 graded lumber wood. For a long-lasting time with strong quality.

Decks for Above Ground Pools

After a relaxing swim, we all need a nice sun-soaking moment. You can add accessories such as daybeds for more relaxation with your chosen deck style and design. We also understand that there are things that need to be considered with putting a deck for Above Ground Pools; that is why we have provided you with our portable decks. In addition to it, they’re easy to install and uninstall.

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Decks for Round Swimming Pools

You can choose to upgrade your deck from our upgrades listing for more comfort and a desired final look. If you desire stains or spindles, we will upgrade your Round Swimming Pool deck for you! And if you want the deck to wrap around your pool, we can customize that for you here at EshCo.

Portable Decks for Square Swimming Pools

We can level the portable deck with your Square Swimming Pool. We can customize your swimming pool accordingly for more fitting and better access.

EshCo Decks Quality Features

Buying a deck that is portable does not mean that it is cheaply built! At Eshco Decks, we go above and beyond with features on our decks to build a very high-quality deck that will last a very long time. We offer decks that will give you decades of use and be installed in one to two hours! Here are some of the quality features of Eshco Decks.

eshco deck screws

Built with Screws

  • All screws have a rust-resistant coating
  • 3-inch screws are used for floorboards
  • 5 inch screws for ledger boards
eshco deck sanding

Sanding the Deck Boards

  • Prolongs the life of your deck
  • Removes splintered wood
  • Better absorption of the coating
eshco deck builders floor

Heavier Decking

  • True milled 2×6 decking (not 1.5×5.5)
  • 50% thicker than standard 5/4 decking
  • Durable & long-lasting floor
eshco deck builder router

Router on Edges

  • Makes the edges rounded and smooth
  • Able to route the same exact cut over & over,
  • Smooth feel means fewer splinters
eshco deck lumber

#1 Grade Lumber

  • Less knots means more structural integrity
  • We use top-grade lumber for your decking floor, rail, and structure
eshco deck railing

Deck Railings

  • Our rail sections are built on a jig for greater consistency
  • The railing is fully assembled with screws to keep the rails safe and sound

Customization Options for Our Decks

Not all portable decks are built the same. We offer customization options to make your deck work great for your specific accessibility needs or your taste and style.

trailer deck builder

Add a Ramp to any of your outdoor Deck selections and make it handicap-accessible.

portable decks with handrailing

Add spindles to your handrail for added safety and a final look.

underpinning for decks

Finish off your deck with underpinning. We offer several options to create a finished look.

Our Deck Building Process

Whether you are looking for an outdoor deck for an RV, a mobile home deck, or a swimming pool portable deck, you begin getting a deck by choosing the size and style of your preferred deck. The process is very simple, get started today and our deck builders will work with you to get your deck installed in Tennessee or Kentucky.

Our Recent Deck Projects