Portable RV Decks at an Affordable Price

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Are you looking for an easy deck set-up? EshCo provides portable RV decks for campers and fifth-wheel trailers that can be custom-crafted using wood or vinyl for your outdoor space. At an affordable price, we build different sizes and designs according to your needs for easy access to your trailer. We understand the need to travel and also feel at home when it comes to the outside environment. Our building team will build your desired deck that fits your specific RV trailer!

We also offer free delivery options for the first 30 miles!

RV Deck

Vinyl Portable Decks

Get a custom-crafted portable RV Deck with low-maintenance vinyl to fit your outdoor space. Our prices include a railing up to 32” high, and one set of stairs (spindles and handrails are not included). You will get many years of enjoyment with this Vinyl RV Deck.

Portable Rv Deck

Wooden Portable Decks

Nothing beats the warmth and tradition of a well-built backyard wooden deck. It’s a grand way to welcome your family and friends. Prices for our portable wooden RV decks include number one graded lumber (highest quality) and 2×6 milled decking.

Standard Features of EshCo Portable RV Decks

Deck Railing

All of our portable decks for RV’s, Campers, Fifth-wheel trailers, and more include a 32″ railing for your safety (spindles and handrails additional fee).

Stairway for Deck

Our portable decks include one set of stairs with vinyl or wood decking. Add a handrail to your stairway for an affordable fee, to make your portable deck even safer.

Quality Lumber

Our wooden decks include top-grade lumber that is pressure treated to withstand the elements. Your portable RV deck will get you in and out of your RV for decades.

Portable RV Deck Prices

Buy outright or choose Rent to Own for your Portable RV Decks.

Rv decks

Vinyl RV Deck Prices

SizePriceRent to Own 36/moRent to Own 60/mo
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Wooden RV Deck Prices

SizePriceSingle Slope RoofA-Frame Roof

Choose Your Portable RV Deck Options

Not every portable deck for RVs is built the same. We offer customization options to make the RV Deck work great for your specific accessibility needs or your taste and style.

trailer deck builder

Add a Ramp to your portable RV Deck and make it handicap-accessible.

portable decks with handrailing

Add spindles to your handrail for added safety and a final look.

underpinning for decks

Finish off your portable deck with underpinning. We offer several options to create a finished look.

RV Deck Projects by EshCo

The EshCo Plan for Portable RV Decks

Get a Quote

Get your Free Customized Quote for the RV Deck you’ve been waiting for, with options and delivery included.

We Measure

After a contract has been signed, we come to measure your space to provide you with the right deck.

Delivery Day

When the deposit is received and the unit is ready to ship, we bring the RV Deck and install!