EshCo Deck Builder Quality Features

Buying a deck that is portable does not mean that it is cheaply built! At Eshco Decks, we go above and beyond with features on our decks to build a very high-quality deck that will last a very long time. We offer decks that will give you decades of use and be installed in one to two hours! Here are some of the quality features of Eshco Decks.

eshco deck screws

Built with Screws

  • All screws have a rust-resistant coating
  • 3-inch screws are used for floorboards
  • 5 inch screws for ledger boards
eshco deck sanding

Sanding the Deck Boards

  • Prolongs the life of your deck
  • Removes splintered wood
  • Better absorption of the coating
eshco deck builders floor

Heavier Decking

  • True milled 2×6 decking (not 1.5×5.5)
  • 50% thicker than standard 5/4 decking
  • Durable & long-lasting floor
eshco deck builder router

Router on Edges

  • Makes the edges rounded and smooth
  • Able to route the same exact cut over & over,
  • Smooth feel means fewer splinters
eshco deck lumber

#1 Grade Lumber

  • Less knots means more structural integrity
  • We use top-grade lumber for your decking floor, rail, and structure
eshco deck railing

Deck Railings

  • Our rail sections are built on a jig for greater consistency
  • The railing is fully assembled with screws to keep the rails safe and sound

Our Deck Contractor Process

Whether you are looking for an outdoor deck for an RV, a mobile home deck, or a swimming pool portable deck, you begin getting a deck by choosing the size and style of your preferred deck. The process is very simple, get started today and our deck builders will work with you to get your deck installed in Tennessee or Kentucky.