decks for sale in white house tn

Stunning Outdoor Decks & Pavilions in White House TN

Experience calm and beauty through our customizable decks and pavilions for sale in White House TN. Whether you want to elevate your mobile house, the surroundings of your aboveground pool, or your RV parking spot, our team of deck builders is available to transform your outdoor space. Crafted with precision and designed to look appealing, our decks and pavilions offer more than just an extension of your living area, they provide a gateway to a whole new realm of relaxation and entertainment.

House Decks in White House TN

Designing a house deck involves a balance between style, functionality, and the unique personality of your home. Our experienced deck builders will work closely with you to create a house deck that complements your architecture while meeting your outdoor living needs. We offer customization options to bring your visions to life, ensuring you an outdoor space where memories are made.

house decks for sale in white house tn
rv decks for sale in white house tn

RV And Camper Decks For Sale

Designed to redefine your camping experience, our RV decks seamlessly merge comfort, convenience, and elegance to create a mobile oasis like no other. Imagine stepping out of your RV onto a spacious, beautifully crafted deck that expands your living space and connects you with the beauty of nature. Our RV decks are meticulously designed to accommodate your lifestyle, whether you’re seeking a serene spot to sip your morning coffee or a versatile area to gather with fellow travelers. With various customization options available, you can customize your deck to suit your preferences and match the aesthetic of your RV. Experience the freedom to embrace the great outdoors while enjoying the comforts of home. Elevate your travel escapades with an RV deck that invites you to unwind, entertain, and create unforgettable memories, wherever your journey takes you.

Mobile Home Decks in White House TN 

Transform the entrance of your mobile home into an inviting oasis with a thoughtfully designed and skillfully constructed mobile home deck in White House TN. Our team understands the uniqueness of a mobile home, ensuring that every inch of space is maximized for comfort and functionality. From charming front porches to spacious back decks, we create seamless extensions of your living space that blend seamlessly with your mobile home’s architecture.

mobile home deck for sale in white house tn
pool decks for sale in white house tn

Aboveground Pool Decks in White House TN 

Take your poolside experience to the next level with an aboveground pool deck that exudes luxury and relaxation. Our pool deck designs offer the perfect balance between safety, aesthetics, and entertainment. Whether you envision a sprawling lounging area or a space for sunbathing and outdoor gatherings, our team will design a deck that enhances both the visual appeal and practicality of your poolside oasis.

Pavilions In White House TN

Create a haven of shade, elegance, and outdoor hospitality with our exquisite pavilions. Whether you’re looking to host al fresco dining, or outdoor parties, or simply want a serene spot to enjoy nature, our pavilions provide the ideal space to enjoy with family and friends. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, our pavilions can be customized to match your preferences, ensuring a harmonious integration with your landscape.

pavilions for sale in white house tn

Our Deck Building Process

Whether you are looking for a portable deck for an RV, a mobile home deck, or a swimming pool deck, you begin getting a deck by choosing the size and style of your preferred deck. The process is very simple, get started today and we will work with you to get your portable deck installed in Tennessee or Kentucky.

In-Stock Pavilions And Decks

While we can custom-build your deck or pavilion to meet your specific needs, we also offer in-stock and ready-to-deliver decks and backyard pavilions that can be delivered to your Westmoreland TN home or business. Get started today!

We recently had a front porch with a roof, and they did a beautiful job. I’m very pleased and highly recommend them.
Maggie B.
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Your Deck and Pavilion Builder In White House TN

Following two decades of experience within the portable building industry at Esh Utility Buildings, Eshco emerged with the purpose of catering to the needs of Tennessee and Kentucky by offering top-notch decks and pavilions that can be easily set up. At EshCo, our objective is not centered around being the most inexpensive deck constructor in Kentucky. Instead, we aim for excellence that provides you with choices and an incredibly seamless process for delivery and installation. Using #1 graded lumber and furnishing your portable deck or pavilion in a pre-constructed state ensures a swift assembly process, allowing your deck to be ready for use in no time. 

Amos & Mary Esh and family