10×16 House Deck in Austin KY

Are you looking for a 10×16 house deck to make the perfect addition to your home outdoor space? At EshCo, we custom-build decks to fit any home. We use high-quality materials to craft our decks, ensuring durability, style, and functionality. This 10×16 house deck is one of our completed projects in Austin, KY. The roof is strategically placed on this 10×16 house deck to provide a shaded area and protection, allowing you to enjoy your surroundings even during passing showers or hot summer days. Just imagine yourself lounging comfortably on your rocking chair, basking in the sun without worrying about the effects of UV rays, or enjoying the gentle patter of rain on the roof. We would be more than happy to assist you in getting your dream house deck

If you are looking for a porch and deck builder in KY, we are here to assist.

  • Wood
  • 10×16
Used For
  • House
  • House Deck
  • Mobile Home Deck
  • Extra Height
  • Rail
  • Roof
  • Stairs

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